Instead of supplying you with the usual categories (namely age, name, town of birth etc.) I decided to share with you ten points about me that I personally consider worth knowing and that I am (more or less) proud (or ashamed) of:

  • I hide erotic and trash literature on my eReader under the category “Cultural Theory” because no one cares to check this folder.
  • I don’t like babies or animals… or baby-animals.
  • Seeing “Hamlet” in theatre, I speak along to the “to be or not to be”-soliloquy
  • On March 28, 2012 I went on a protest against dictatorship in Belarus alongside Jude Law and Kevin Spacey… and there is even a youtube video as piece of evidence.
  • Although I have a master’s degree in Shakespeare Studies I have not yet read every single play.
  • I try eating Franconian Schäufele (i. e. a pig’s shoulder) every Sunday.
  • I quoted fictional character Sheldon Cooper (of The Big Bang Theory) in my master’s thesis.
  • I wrote a letter of complaint to a German company because they advertised one of their beverages as tasting “kräutig”, which I did not consider to be a proper, existing word.
  • I can open beer bottles with fashion magazines.

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