The 5 stages of mourning and the loss of a good TV show

It is Monday. Monday was Breaking Bad day.

Last Monday the finale episode of Breaking Bad aired in the US and it was just wonderful. It had wit, humour and what the French call je ne sais-quoi. But that also means that this Monday there is no new episode of my recent favourite. Walt and Jesse are gone… for good. And all that I have left is the blank TV screen. It might sound melodramatic but I have found that the loss of a good TV show does leave a void that has to be filled and in many cases true acceptance can only be achieved after some good mourning.

Stage 1: Denial and Isolation

I wasn’t a fan of Breaking Bad from the very beginning. It was quite hard for me to find my way into the show and to accept this corrupt bunch of characters. I didn’t like any of them and I couldn’t really feel for them. This is also the reason why I skipped a few episodes. That’s right, bitch! When I told my Shakespeare professor about that he told me off and compared this to skipping the “boring” bits of Hamlet and just reading the first and the final act. However, now I am glad that I did this because that means that, in fact, Breaking Bad isn’t quite over for me. As long as I haven’t watched those season 1 and 2 episodes, there will still be some unwatched scenes left. They are not really gone! It is like a message from the beyond!

Stage 2: Anger

Whom am I kidding? I f***ing know how the show ended. Even some bloody unwatched scenes won’t be the same now that I know the bloody ending of the goddamn show… Vince Gilligan just pussied out. There’s no f***ing way that this moron could have done such a heartless, cruel thing! I would like to &%!?%&§*&/§( /§&$%§?!(“!!!

Stage 3: Bargaining

But maybe I am too harsh on Gilligan. Maybe if I write him a nice letter and ask him for just another episode… or a movie version? Maybe there is some heavenly power that will bring back Breaking Bad? I would do anything for it. I would sell my soul to the devil, give him my firstborn child or even – God forbid – my whisky collection.

Stage 4: Depression

I feel like this is the stage that I am currently going through. Not even my favourite wine will cheer me up or make my Monday evening better. Even the new episode of Downton Abbey couldn’t do the trick. It’s hopeless…

Stage 5: Acceptance

I am still waiting for this phase to kick in but as I am trying to move on I am casting for a new TV show. However, everything I start still seems a bit bland. It is always lacking that spark that will make me truly love the show. I even wanted to give The Sopranos a go in an attempt to find something similar to Breaking Bad but it didn’t work. Or The Wire? Or maybe I should go for a nice comedy – people at the pub have recommended Father Ted. Or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Twitter told me to try Hannibal… 

I guess until I can finally move on it will take me a few more days. Until then I am gladly accepting TV show recommendations, so feel free to hit the comment section below.

P.S.: And if you think that I am overreacting you should have seen me after the end of Friends… Why, God, whyyyy???


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