The 5 stages of mourning and the loss of a good TV show

It is Monday. Monday was Breaking Bad day.

Last Monday the finale episode of Breaking Bad aired in the US and it was just wonderful. It had wit, humour and what the French call je ne sais-quoi. But that also means that this Monday there is no new episode of my recent favourite. Walt and Jesse are gone… for good. And all that I have left is the blank TV screen. It might sound melodramatic but I have found that the loss of a good TV show does leave a void that has to be filled and in many cases true acceptance can only be achieved after some good mourning.
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Is Bridget Jones a Feminist?

Next week the much anticipated third Bridget Jones novel will be available in bookstores and yet again internet and newspapers are infected by a true Bridget-frenzy. Just like in the 1990s, journalists all over the world try to answer the one question: Is Bridget Jones a feminist or the incarnation of a conservative, pre-women’s-rights-movement image of a woman? Continue reading