TV vs. Reality

Here’s a little test how you can find out whether reality on screen is more real to you than what so many others call “real life”. If more than half of these statements are true, then you’re a real TV addict.

  • You desperately want to go to Yemen on vacation because Chandler pretended (!) to move there.
  • If you go to Philadelphia and it is not sunny, you think you’re stuck in the Matrix.
  • Your significant other is your lobster.
  • You don’t take off your make-up when you go to bad, or are sick, or in hospital because nobody ever does that, right?
  • When attending a wedding and the doors of the church are closed you get hysteric and start screaming: “The North will never forget!”
  • You know better than to hire an Irish chauffeur.
  • You agree to go to Paris with the wrong guy so that Mr. Big Right can come and rescue you.
  • When you’re upset, you steal a boat.
  • When people ask you how your day was, you start your tale with the words “Previously on…”
  • If friends invite you to cook with them, you bring sodium hydroxide, anhydrous ammonia, iodine, red phosphorus, ephedrine, ether, drano, brake fluid, butane and hydrochloric acid.
  • Your iPhone is not just locked, it’s SHERlocked.
  • You consider yourself dark and twisty.
  • Before calling the IT department you try turning it off and on again…
  • …and check to see if it’s plugged in.
  • Your not crazy… Your Mum had you tested!

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