Final Seasons and Classical Drama

In ancient Greece everything was easy: A drama consisted of 3 acts.

According to Greek philosopher Aristotle a drama was supposed to have three acts. This was a strict rule and nobody dared to break it. The protasis was used to introduce the characters and the basic plot problem; the epitasis served to increase tension and to highlight the often ethical problems of the hero; the catastrophe lead to the final resolution of the problem.

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TV vs. Reality

Here’s a little test how you can find out whether reality on screen is more real to you than what so many others call “real life”. If more than half of these statements are true, then you’re a real TV addict.

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Breaking Bad does Shakespeare

While watching Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad I had a rather uncanny experience brought about by my unconscious. At one point of the show Skylar reminded me a lot of Lady Macbeth. Although Lady Macbeth’s agenda is rather more devious than Skylar’s as she strives for fame and riches rather than her family’s protection, the two are very similar in their attempt to convince their husbands to commit evil deeds.

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