And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

Following Cookie’s great idea, I wanted to give you a little glance behind the scenes of this blog and entertain you with some of the funny search engine questions with which people have apparently stumbled across this blog.

3 People asked: What happened when Sherlock jumped off the roof?

If only I knew… To be honest, I have no idea but maybe this guy has:


2 People enquired about the 50 Shades of Grey content

Easy to answer: There isn’t any. It’s just a nice mixture of vanilla with a hint of SM.


2 People wondered whether there was any Shakespeare content in the songs of Florence + the Machine

I’m brushing the dirt off my shoulder for this one. Yes there is: According to the interpretation of an up and coming Shakespearean scholar (i. e. me), the line “every demon wants his pound of flesh” refers to Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.


2 People found my blog by typing “Happy Birthday Brother Whisky” into Google.

No idea, what you were looking for, folks, but: Cheers!


2 People looked for Kevin Spacey quoting Lacan.

Pretty hot, isn’t it? Here it is again:


1 Person typed “Shakespeare Football” into Google:

Hellooooo, soulmate!


1 Person (presumably a girl) asked about 10 things a girl should do before she dies:

Well according to me, that is: Meet a celebrity, buy expensive shoes, ride the roller coaster when drunk, live abroad, see a Shakespeare play at the Globe, go on a road trip, sit at home crying with a glass of wine in your hand singing “All by myself” (we’re all a tiny bit Bridget Jones, aren’t we?), dream about doing the final dance from Dirty Dancing, actually do the final dance from Dirty Dancing, see all four parts of Rambo in a row. There you go! Such fun!


1 Person (presumably a girl again) was looking for a Mr Darcy Wet Shirt Screensaver.

If you find one, please tell me where!


1 Person was looking for Edward Cullen’s third nipple.

If you find it, please do not tell me!


1 Person was looking for Josea Mourinha.

Sorry, gurl. That title’s taken!


1 Person was wondering who was at the Globe with Jude Law.

Unfortunately not me.


1 Person asked what symbolic meaning the “50 shades” have in 50 Shades of Grey.

I could come up with an elaborate, psychoanalytic, semiotic explanation… but to quote Rhett Butler: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!


1 Person found my blog by typing “Matt LeBlanc’s Penis” into Google.

Yay for that!


And last but not least, 72 people found my blog asking questions about José Mourinho!!! (Including “Mourinho sexy” “Mourinho hot” “Mourinho warrior style haircut“ “Mourinho hope” “Mourinho eyes”)


2 thoughts on “And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

    • Haha. Can you prove it??

      No, I’ve actually got the sneaking suspicion that it might be the same person as the one looking for “Tamsin Greig’s bra”. And if not, they would make a cute couple!

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