Hi There, Come In!

Everyone’s a bit voyeuristic and interested about the lives of the others. This is why I decided to grant you a little sneak peak at where and how I live. Enjoy the tour!

This is a table in my hallway where I like to put things that make me happy: Currently on there are a nice picture of one of my all-time favourite movies, Dirty Dancing, a postcard depicting Prince William and Harry to remind me of my times in London, an autography by writer Aveleen Avide, and some jewelry because diamonds are a girls best friend, aren’t they?

I really like whisky and don’t hide it. So because everyone knows it, my little whisky table is quite well equipped since my last birthday. My favourite is Oban, but I also appreciate Laphroiag and some others. (The little stone you can see is part of Machu Picchu and a friend stole it for me. Great story, isn’t it?)

This is only a very small section of my Shakespeare bookshelf. During my time in London I was taught by many professors who also worked as editors for Arden, which is why I always buy these editions. Plus: They look quite good, don’t they? (Fun Fact: Sometimes when I get bored I take them out of the shelf and try to sort them chronologically without looking up the order. I’m getting quite good at it! Whoa! Who put The Tempest next to Henry VI??)

I know… I know… the real football fans will probably scream in disbelief and tear their eyes out in agony. But it’s not my fault! No, really! I am not to blame for this strange mixture of memorabilia: These were all presents by different persons, I just put them right next to each other. I consider myself a Real Madrid supporter but I do like some other clubs, too. And to be honest: It’s quite an advantage to support more clubs because one of them always wins!

If you’re interested, I can keep some more pictures coming… until then, hit the comments!


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